Monday, October 12, 2015

question and ansswer 1

Question and Answer about Bible Story #1 Journal review 1
1.) Q: How many books (Old Testament and New testament)  are in the Bible?
2.)  Q: Who created everything?
      A:  God created everything.
3.) Q: What was Abel's offering to God?
     A: Sheep was Abel's offering to God.
4.) Q: Did God accept Abel's gift?
     A: Yes God accepted Abel's  gift. God was very happy with Abel's offering.
5.) Q: How many brothers did Joseph have?
      A: Joseph had eleven brothers.

Friday, October 9, 2015

story of david 5

Story of David 5
King  Saul did Not want David to be king.
He wanted to get rid of David.
So David ran away and hid with his friends.
But King Saul's army looked for them.
One night King Saul and his army were for asleep.
David and a friend tiptoed to Saul.
David's  friend wanted to hurt King Saul.
But David said, No I won't hurt him.
David and his  friend took Saul's spear.
They took the water jug by his head.
They carried Saul's things to the top of a hill.
Then David shouted King Saul.
Where is your jug Where is your spear?
King Saul jumped up.
He called back, Is that you David.
David said, I could have hurt you.
But I did not King Saul said, I was wrong
I won't try to hurt you.
May God care of you.
Even when offers are not kind to us.
God will help us be kind to them.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

story of david

Story of David 4
·        King  Saul was  very unhappy.
·        However, when David played his harp,  King Saul felt better.
·        So David came to live at the palace.
·        Jonathan was King Saul's son.
·        Jonathan and David became friends.
·        Jonathan and David promised to Always be friends.
·        Jonathan gave David his own coat.
·        He  gave David his own bow and arrow.
·        Later, on King Saul  was jealous of David and wanted to hurt him.
·        Jonathan helped David hide.
·        Then Jonathan talked with
·        King Saul so that David could
·        come back and be safe.
·        The friends were glad
·        to be together again.
·        God gives us friends we can love and be kind to.
·        We can help our friends.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

david 3

Story of David 3
§  But while David was there he heard Goliath shout.
§  David asked Why doesn't someone fight him?
§  But everyone was afraid. I'll fight him.
§  David said, God will help me.
§  I don't need armor said David.
§  David picked up five smooth little rocks.
§  He put one in his sling shot.
§  He said, to Goliath You have a sword.
§  But I have God's help.
§  David twirled the stone in his sling.
§  It went around and around  very fast.
§  The rock hit Goliath's head.
§  Big Goliath fell down Thunk God had helped David win the battle.
§  Everyone said, David was a hero.
§  God helps us do big jobs.
§  He is stronger than anything or anyone.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

story david 3

Story of David #3    David's seven big brothers
 joined King Saul's army.
·        The army was fighting the Philistines.
·        The biggest Philistine was Goliath.
·        Every day Goliath stood in the valley.
·        He'd yell: Send someone to fight me.
·        If anyone can knock me down, we Philistines will work for you.
·        However, no one wanted to fight Goliath.
·        Everyone was afraid of him.
·        Meanwhile Jesse told David Visit your brothers.
·        Tell me if they are well.
·        Pack up the donkeys with grain  and cheese and bread to give them.
·        David walked and walked.
·        Finally David saw the camp.
·        He gave his  brothers the food.