Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bible Questions and Answers lesson 10

Bible Questions and Answers lesson 10
Q: Life is the best_______God has given to you.
A: thing
Q:   For with You is the fountain of _____in Your light we see life .
A:  life
Q: Who was the first king of Israel?
A: Saul
Q:  What is the name of the sea upon which Jesus walked?
A:  Sea of Galilee

Monday, March 30, 2015

Bible Questions and Answers lesson 9

Bible  Questions and Answers lesson 9
Q: Come to Me all who are_____and I will give you rest.
A: weary and burdened
Q: What did God use to  create Adam?
A: Dust
Q: Who named the animals?
A: Adam
Q: David's best friend was:__
A: Jonathan
Q: Who was  the father of David?
A:  Jesse

Friday, March 27, 2015

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Q: What top seven random ways to have with your friends?

Q: What top seven  random ways to have with your friends?
A:  1.) Go to a Christian Concert
     2.) Make flower arrange  events and leave them at strangers door.
     3.) Volunteer at an animal shelter together
     4.) Have a formal dinner party
     5.) Get creative and make a wedding cake together
     6.)  Give each other makeovers
    7.) Keep a prayer journal together.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bible Questions and Answers lesson 8

Bible Questions and Answers lesson 8
Q: Who forced the construction of the Tower of Babel to stop?
A: God
Q: Where did Jacob send his Sons to get grain?
A: To Egypt
Q: Who slept in something that animals eat out of?
A: Jesus
Q: Which book predicted Jesus dying words 1000 years ahead of time?
Q: On which of six days of Creation did God make the earth and the seas?
A: 3rd
Q: When Jesus prayed sweat that fell from him like what?
A:  Drops of Blood

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

bible questions answers 7

Bible Questions and Answers lessons 7
Q: Do not___about your life
A: worry
Q: God is our refuge and strength an______ help in trouble
A: ever-present
Q:How many apostles did Jesus have?
A: 12
Q: Where was Jesus mostly raised as a child?
A: Nazareth
Q: Who was king first?
A: Saul

Short Story #1 Italian Lessons
Author by Peter Pezzelli
          Love make people do crazy things. It make recent college Carter Quinn takes Italian lessons  so he can win the girl of his dream.
          A Young Rhode Island man who has fallen in with an Italian girl soon learns he needs more than lessons to win her heart.