Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Ladder to Heaven Genesis 27:41-46 & Genesis 28:10-18 & Rachel Genesis 29:1-20 and Tricked Genesis 29:21-24

A Ladder to Heaven Genesis 27:41-46 &  Genesis 28:10-18 & Rachel Genesis 29:1-20 and Tricked Genesis 29:21-24
·        When Esau found out how Jacob had tricked him, he was mad. Jacob was afraid and ran away from him. That night in the desert, Jacob had to sleep outside with a rock under his head for a pillow.
·        He dreamed about a ladder to heaven filled with angels. God spoke Jacob in the dream and promised to bless him.
·        Jacob continued his journey traveling a long way to his uncle Laban's house. There he met Laban's beautiful Rachel fell in love  with her.
·        He told Laban that he will stay here and work for him  will let Jacob marry Rachel. So Jacob stayed and worked seven years for the woman he loved.
·        After seven years of hard work it was finally time for Jacob's wedding. Everyone got dressed. The bride wore a heavy veil over her face. It was so heavy that Jacob couldn't see through it.
·        Guess what? Laban tricked Jacob. Rachel was not under veil. It was her sister Leah, instead.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sneaky Jacob Genesis 25:27-34 & Foolish Esau Genesis 25:34, Genesis 27:1-37

Sneaky Jacob Genesis 25:27-34  & Foolish Esau Genesis 25:34, Genesis 27:1-37
·        The boys grew up and one day Esau came in from hunting. In addition, Jacob was cooking. "I am hungry Give me some that soup Esau said.
·        Jacob was a sneaky guy. He said, "Give me your rights as the firstborn son and I will Esau agree, "Okay if I starve my rights won't help me." Esau made a  bad decision. Pray and ask God to help you make good decisions.
·        Jacob gave Esau a big bowl of soup and he ate it. Esau didn't even know he had been tricked. Later on Esau found out what that bowl of soup cost him. Isaac their father gave everything he had Jacob when it should have been Esau's. Esau had been foolish.  In addition, Esau thought he had to have something right now.
·        Then Jacob gave Esau some bread and lentil ate and drank and went on about  his business indifferent to the fact that he had given up his birthright. Genesis 25:34.
·        When Isaac was old and almost blind he called for Esau his older son and said '' my son'' ''Yes father'' Esau replied. Genesis 27:1. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Esau Sells His Birthright Genesis 25:27-31

Esau Sells His Birthright Genesis 25:27-31
·        As the boys grew up, Esau became a skillful hunter a man of the open fields, while Jacob was the kind of person who liked to stay home.
·        Isaac loved Esau in particular because of the wild game he brought home but Rebekah favored Jacob.
·        One day when Jacob was cooking some stew, Esau arrived home exhausted and hungry from a hunt.
·        Esau said, to Jacob "I'm starved! Give me some of that red you've made." (This was how Esau got his other name Edom Red.)
·        Jacob replied, "All right but trade me your birthright for it."

Monday, August 24, 2015

the twins

The Twins Genesis 25:21-26
·        For many years Rebekah could not have babies.
·        So Isaac prayed to God about the problem.
·        God heard Isaac, and He sent two babies twins.
·        When the twins were born one was all red and fuzzy.
·        Isaac and Rebekah named  him Esau.
·        The other twin had smooth skin.
·        They named him Jacob. Someday, when they were grown up these boys would be the leaders of two great families.
·        God has  the answers to all our prayers.

Friday, August 21, 2015

A wife for isaac

A Wife for Isaac Genesis 24:1-14
·        Many years later, Isaac was all grown up.  Abraham said to his servant, "Go back  to the land I came from  and  find a wife for my son."
·        The servant loaded up camels with all kinds of wonderful presents. After he got to the land far away, he wasn't sure how to find a wife for Isaac .
·        At a place where girls came to get water he prayed, "Let  the  right girl give me water."
Water for the Camels Genesis 24:15-20
·        Before the servant had finished praying a beautiful young woman came to get water. The servant asked her, "Will you give me some water please?" "Yes she said, "I'll get water for your camels too" It was big job.
·        Thirsty camels can  drink a lot of water. Back and forth she went pouring water for them all.
Rebekah Genesis 24:21-61
·        The servant knew this woman was the one to be Isaac's wife. Her name was Rebekah.
·         The servant took gifts to her family and asked if Rebekah could marry Isaac.
·         Her father said, she could and Rebekah wanted to get married too. So she went home with the servant to meet Isaac.
·        The servant needed God to help him find the right girl.
Isaac and Rebekah 24:62-67
·        The camels swayed and bumped along the road all the way to Canaan where Isaac lived. One evening just before the sun went down the camels stopped.
·        A young man was walking in the field. His bride had come. Isaac loved Rebekah. He married her.